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Educational Services

TPL EDUCATION is a company that offers guidance on going to Australia to study. Short-term language classes, certificate and diploma programs, bachelor's and master's degree programs in all fields of study, and more are all available. For everyone who is interested, we also offer assistance for student and tourist visas.

Finding the ideal course for students while saving them the most money and time is a strength of TPL EDUCATION.

We offer free consultation 
- English short courses 6 - 12 months
- Certificate
- Diploma
- Undergraduate

- Postgraduate

Student Visa - Australia

For students who already have CoE, we can apply for a student visa for you with a reasonable service charge.   

Tourist Visa - Australia

For those who are willing to visit Australia, we can apply for a tourist visa for you. Our service charge is always affordable.

Buddy Programs

Services that are additional and special for students coming to Melbourne to study.
TPL Education offers Buddy Programs that includes a tour of the school, an introduction to Melbourne, and a pick-up at the airport for flights to Australia (Travel Companion).

Study Strategy

In order to boost learning efficiency at a higher level and continue working in Australia, we offer consulting services and assist students in creating a step-by-step study plan.

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