• Q: What courses did you enrol in and at which institution?
  • A: "I enrolled in 2 courses, General English and Speaking and Pronunciation, at the IH Gold Coast campus."
  • Q: Why did you choose the Gold Coast campus?
  • A: "I did some research on two cities, Brisbane and Gold Coast. I wanted a city with fewer Thai people, but not too few, so I chose Gold Coast."
  • Q: How is the learning atmosphere at the school?
  • A: "In my class, there are a few Thai students, just 2 of us. Most of the students come from Latin America. So, when we gather for meals or participate in activities together, it really helps me to quickly improve my English skills. Also, the classroom activities are designed to make learning far from boring."
  • Q: Do you have any advice for those interested in studying at Gold Coast?
  • A: "If you prefer a city that's not too busy and quiet, this city is really suitable. Transportation within the city and to key locations is very convenient. However, if you like nature, you might need to know how to drive and rent a car for travelling."